Our objectives

Our members are left with only one task and that is to sell their products and hand in the quarterly report. Everything else will be handled by us.
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Our objectives

Our objectives

To associate producers and importers of specified products – electrical equipment, packaging and non-packaging products, batteries and accumulators according to the Act 79/2015 Coll. On waste and on the amendment of certain laws in order to collectively fulfil their obligations under the relevant EU and SR legislation.

To provide co-operation, consulting and services in relation to the handling with specified products in accordance with the valid SR legislation

To carry out survey on the development and implementation of waste policy and environmental policy of the Slovak Republic and the EU, focusing on the handling with electrical and electronic equipment, waste from electrical and electronic equipment, waste from packaging and non-packaging products and used batteries and accumulators. Furthermore, to make proposals in order to improve the legislative arrangements that regulate waste management issues. For this purpose, the association communicates with state administration bodies, cooperates with national and international structures and engages in social discussion on the issue.

To effectively provide all of the services, necessary to perform and to meet the obligations of members of the association under the Waste Act..

To present in public in a manner and in a form that promotes the environmental behaviour of consumers, to raise awareness, promote, educate and propagate environmentally sound ways of collection, processing and recycling of waste from dedicated products, taking into account the best available techniques from the point of view of health and the environment.