Basic info

Our members are left with only one task and that is to sell their products and hand in the quarterly report. Everything else will be handled by us.
Basic info

ELEKOS is a non-profit association of legal entities

Basic info

ELEKOS is a non-profit association of legal entities – which, under the contract, provides for its members the collective fulfilment of all obligations regarding the handling of electrical and electronic waste, packaging and non-packaging products, batteries and accumulators. All of these obligations arise from the EU directives which were implemented into Slovak Legislation in the Waste Act.

All services under one roof.

Under the legislative changes, ELEKOS was granted an authorization to carry out the Producer Responsibility Organization.
ELEKOS was founded in 2007 by companies Haker, Hilti, Makita and Narex Slovakia. For our clients, we address the lawful obligations in terms of specified products in the form of “all under one roof“. The ELEKOS Association offers a comprehensive service – i.e. Ensures compliance with the obligations of manufacturers for all categories of electrical equipment, packaging and non-packaging products as well as batteries and accumulators.

ELEKOS currently offers for its members a simple, transparent and cost-effective way of fulfilment of legislative obligations with respect to the basic objective – ecological and environmentally friendly handling with waste from electrical and electronic equipment, waste from packaging and non-packaging products and used batteries and accumulators.